10 Things bloggers should do in 2024 to remain relevant


We have seen Google deindexing some sites and punishing others by reducing their visibility. More than 50% of bloggers have quit the profession. However, there are important things to do in order to remain relevant.

Create a forum blog

Write testimonies and real life stories

Run a YouTube channel

Avoid affiliate links on your blog posts

Post few but high quality content

Avoid using AI to post content

Create an authority blog like Raddit

Share your content on social media

Create original content

Create a news site

Create a forum blog

Right now, forum content is ranking higher than content from independent bloggers. This is because content from forums provide real human experience. Create a forum and let people contribute to your content by revealing their real life experience.

Write testimonial stories

When you post about testimonies and real life stories, Google will love your content and push your site to the top of the search results.

Run a YouTube channel

YouTube will help boost your income. As you blog, share the same experience on YouTube. Even if your blog won’t generate decent income, you will still make money from YouTube

Post few but high quality articles

Nowadays Google does not have enough budget to crawl all the content posted online. Instead of posting 1000 blog posts per day, create only 1 post which is of high quality and make money.

Avoid creating content with AI

Most of the sites which were deindexed created content using AI. This is a huge mistake. Avoid creating content with AI and your blog will grow massively.

Create authority blog like Raddit or Quora

If your site has domain authority of more than 70%, Google will mark its content as good.

If you’re keen, you’ll notice that Raddit, Medium and Quora are always top of search engine index. It’s because their domain authority is high.

Share content on social media

Social media will be the key pillar of blogs. In future, you won’t be relying on Google for traffic.The game changer will be social media traffic.